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I developed a love for art, sports, and music at a young age while growing up in the small town of Chelsea, Michigan.  Fortunately, I was blessed with some talent in art and athletics, and after high school I accepted a scholarship to play college baseball while studying commercial art.  After spending 4+ decades in the advertising and graphic design field, I rediscovered a love for art, in particular collecting art.  This new hobby opened my eyes to a world of art that I had missed for a long time, and it inspired me to create my own original, mixed media works.



This series combines my love for art, sports/memorabilia, music, history and collecting. Each piece is based on a Detroit or Michigan sports or music icon, or historical figure.  These are individuals that have left their mark in their respected fields, and are well-known personalities.


Each tribute is a mixed media creation on museum quality canvas which includes photographic elements of each person’s past, a collection of memorabilia including some autographed pieces, and original acrylic paint application.  No two pieces are alike, yet each carries a similar look and feel of others in the series.


Over the yeas I have collected a variety of local professional sports and music memorabilia.  It started with my first baseball card collection as a pre-teen, which I still have to this day.  Moving to Detroit in the early 20’s lead me to invest time and energy into learning more about the amazing music scene that the City is known for.  This lead to my collecting local concert posters and photography from the past, content which is used for these tribute creations.  Additional embellishments may include the addition of gem stones, old newspaper clippings, concert tickets, collectible coins and trading cards and more.


Each piece has an accompanying information sheet describing its creation and what was elements were added to make it unique.  Thank you and enjoy.

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