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art buying services.

If you are looking for a specific style or piece of art, we offer research and procurement services.  Perhaps there is a style that works with your decor or you want a local art representation, we can research to find that perfect piece or pieces you’re looking for.

We have access to several local galleries representing a variety of local artists.  Beyond the local scene, we are able to connect with national and international galleries, auction houses and artists directly to fill your needs.

ARTthirty has a special structure for purchasing art on your behalf that varies based on budget and need.  We can present you with a proposal upon request and coordinate all of the details for finding, purchasing and transporting the art.  Please ask if you have further questions. ARTthirty is a creative alternative to purchasing art for your home or business. Through art leasing, artwork in various mediums such as paintings, photographs, prints, etc. can be leased for a defined period of time. It is an affordable and attractive option to decorate your office, hub, home, event space, or any other space. Art leasing thus becomes a cost-effective and practical option.  And, you can show off your good taste in art!

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